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Semaphore Licensing Solutions Expands Portfolio Welcoming YouTube’s Vat19

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Known for creating funny commercials, inspired challenge videos and documentaries on outrageous contraptions, Vat19 is on a fast track to global fanfare. Vat19’s YouTube Channel with over 6.4 billion lifetime views and 7.45 million subscribers, provides fans with a front row seat to their silly stunts. From videos showcasing ice cream that never melts and creators hiding in plain sight, to the top products you’ll always want to carry and the never ending puzzle, Vat19’s channel provides addictive new media entertainment.

In addition to joining Semaphore Licensing Solutions’ ever-growing talent portfolio, Vat19 and Semaphore have partnered to create a new brand, “Vat19 and Friends”. This new line will up the ante for all of the creators under the care of Semaphore Licensing Solutions, providing them with an opportunity to create their own signature candy lines in collaboration with Vat19. The sweet and savory promise of Vat19 and Friends is to bring creator inspired treats to fans nationwide who know a little sugar rush can be just what the doctor ordered. Additional details on this partnership, as well as the initial new media talent who will be launching their personalized lines will be released at a later date.

 “Vat19 captures the whimsical emotion of candy. Fans embrace their inner child, like kids with a sugar rush, by having fun with candy again. In these unique times, we all could use a bit more amusement in our lives. The Vat19 team are masters at providing us with a path to fun through unique, custom candies.” –Michael Bienstock, Founder and CEO, Semaphore Licensing Solutions