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YouTube Duo Vlad and Niki Ink Worldwide Merchandising Deal with Playmates Toys

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Playmates Toys, Inc., one of the world’s leading toy marketers over the past 50-plus years, has signed a worldwide master toy merchandising agreement with sibling global YouTube superstars Vlad and Niki.  The international agreement was negotiated by Retail Monster and Haven Global. 
Young brothers Vlad Vashketov (age 7) and Niki Vashketov (age 5) are the stars of “Vlad & Niki,” which has become one of world’s most popular and fastest growing YouTube kidfluencer channels, capturing more than  5 billion monthly views. Launched in 2018 by Content Media Group FZC, LLC, the “Vlad & Niki” preschool channel is featured on 16 channels in 13 languages over the Google subsidiary online video-sharing platform. Overall, the channel has amassed 120 million subscribers worldwide, 52+ million subscribers to the English channel and 56+ billion overall views. 
The Playmates Toys product line for “Vlad & Niki” launches Summer 2021, and will include action figures, standard and deluxe vehicles, bundled sets, role-play gear and indoor/outdoor accessories that will bring to life the unique animation elements and icons that will be featured in all content. 
“Vlad and Niki have such a relatable ‘brotherly’ dynamic, and it’s wonderful how the entire family is involved. There’s nothing else like them on YouTube!” says Karl Aaronian, senior vice president, marketing and development, Playmates Toys. “Their incredible adventures will help Playmates expand our growing preschool business, with fun themes and toys that will appeal to Vlad and Niki’s huge fan base, from interactive figures and vehicles to Rocket Ship environments.”
“Playmates Toys not only knows the licensed, kids space but has the bandwidth as a company to be innovative in its approach, ultimately providing a great customer experience,” reports Michael Connolly, founder, Retail Monster. 
“Haven’s product development team enjoyed collaborating with the Playmates executives to create out-of-the box ideas to delight the “Vlad & Niki” audience,” added Tom Punch, managing director, Haven Global.
Currently the highest rated boys channel streaming on YouTube, the daily adventures of “Vlad & Niki” are showcased in energetic episodes filled with creative play and imagination that highlight exuberant brotherly antics, family fun and daredevil escapades. Their daily adventures are brought to life with animation, artistic special effects, superhero narrative, toy play and catchy songs, which will all be incorporated into the Playmates Toys product line.
“What impressed us most with the Playmates Toys brand vision for Vlad & Niki was that it will not be a label-slapping approach to merchandising,” explains Sergey Vashketov, co-founder of Content Media Group FZC, LLC, and the father of their property’s stars. “Playmates will be delivering crazy fun and high-energy toy line based on Vlad & Niki’s frenetic online content and we look forward to seeing this ambitious and affordable product line become the brightest and boldest brand in the aisle.”