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Semaphore Signs Roblox YouTuber Megan Plays

Megan Plays-Semaphore

Semaphore Premier Licensing has signed Roblox-playing YouTuber Megan “Megan Plays” Letter to its portfolio of talent.

Megan Plays is the first Roblox star to join Semaphore’s portfolio. She currently boasts 3.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, 3.1 million fans on TikTok, and over 1.4 million followers on Roblox. The gamer recently shared with Forbes that she has been able to elevate her media hobby into a seven-figure salary in a five to six year timeline.

Megan Plays joins a roster of creators that Semaphore has helped connect to fans via licensing partnerships and product lines that have been distributed at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Those influencers include Trinity and Beyond, Superhero Kids, Braille Skateboarding, and Blogilates.