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Semaphore Licensing Signs YouTuber SyhperPK


Semaphore Premier Licensing expands its roster of talent in Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnitegaming, signing YouTuber SypherPK.

SypherPK, a.k.a. Ali Hassan, is a Fortnite gamer who streams content on four YouTube channels, including SypherPK, More SypherPK, Sypher Plays, and Sypher Shorts. The subscriber reach of the four channels combined has topped 7.36 million.

SypherPK also recently announced a collaboration with LogDotZip, which kicked off April 1, to launch content specifically for Minecraft. LogDotZip is also under Semaphore’s licensing management.

With SypherPK part of its portfolio, Semaphore aims to create licensing opportunities for the brand to help it further connect with fans of all ages.