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Iscream Will Launch a Care Bears Accessory Line

care bears-iscream

A Care Bears-branded line of accessories is coming this fall from lifestyle brand Iscream, in partnership with Cloudco Entertainment.

Hitting retailers in the U.S. and Canada as well as, the line consists of plush sleeping bags and blankets, pillows, onesies and other children’s apparel, backpacks, luggage, beauty product, stationery, and more showcasing the Care Bears characters.

“Iscream’s goal has always been to share fun, happy products with people of all ages,” said Jennifer Mines Kamen, Vice President of Iscream. “Care Bears’ iconic imagery and positive messaging is in perfect alignment with our brand, and we are overjoyed to present our new Care Bears collection, launching in fall 2021.”

Introduced in 1982, the property encompasses feature films and television shows, the latest being the Care Bears: Unlock the Magic series which debuted in 2019.

Coming up on its 40th anniversary next year, Care Bears recently previewed a wide-ranging consumer products program planned for 2022.

“Collaborating with partners that represent sharing, caring, and friendship throughout their collections is very important to us,” said Cristina Villegas, Cloudco’s Vice President of Licensing for North America. “Iscream shares our love for rainbows, sunshine, and magic, and that shines through in each piece of the Care Bears’ collection. We couldn’t be more excited to share these fun, colorful products with our fans this fall.”