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Yu-Gi-Oh! Names New & Renewed Licensing Partners


In preparation of the holiday season, Konami Cross Media NY, Inc. signed and renewed six licensing partners for its Yu-Gi-Oh! brand.

A number of new collectors’ items from merchandise partners will commemorate the Yu-Gi-Oh manga series’ 25th anniversary this year.

““There will be new statues of fan favorites including Yugi and Kaiba as well as other popular characters like Mai Valentine and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon,” said Konami Cross Media’s vice president of licensing and marketing, Jennifer Coleman. “Thanks to the many new deals with strong companies, there is a Yu-Gi-Oh! collectible for every kind of collector in the market.”

Yu-Gi-Oh! collaborations that kicked off this fall and will continue through 2022 include:

  • Funko is unveiling the third series of its Yu-Gi-Oh! Pop! figures with retail exclusives planned for the U.S. and Europe. The main collection features characters Mai Valentine, Atem, and Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon.
  • Action micro figures and classic action figures from Super Impulse, featuring non-playable mini cards from the anime series. Items will come as single figures and as part of a blind box collector program.
  • First 4 Figures, the U.K.- and Hong Kong-based toy and model company, will offer new Dark Magician statues in multiple variants for pre-order.
  • Surreal Entertainment will launch a Duel Disk at Hot Topic stores as well as the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.  Figure hangers and various home goods are also arriving soon.
  • Japanese hobby manufacturer Kotobukiya will release the first of three Egyptian Gods ARTFX statues, Slifer the Sky Dragon, this fall. The Winged Dragon of Ra and Obelisk the Tormentor will follow this winter. Early 2022 will also bring remastered ARTFX J versions of Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba.
  • Hobby Japan will offer a pre-order for their Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon collectible figure.