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Phone Pics Play Feature Role in Endless Games’ New Camera Roll Game

Endless Games “takes” an interactive approach on cell phone use as part of its new board game, Camera Roll.
The new product is a traditional game that embraces technology use and the top trending VSCO girl demographic.
For its new Camera Roll Game (MSRP $19.99 for 3 or more players ages 12+), Endless Games “app”-lies tween and teen screen time vanity into an interactive activity. Camera Roll is the game that has players engaged in quirky category challenges to quickly match a photo from their phone that best suits the title.
Using the 288 Subject and Search Up cards like “Accidental Selfie” and “But First, Coffee”, players quickly scroll through their pics to find an appropriate match. If you don’t have that picture. That’s ok. Use the “Search Up” card that allows players to search up photos or videos from Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites. Everyone who finds a photo gets a point. Score bonus points for being first, or if your photo matches the subject or phrase best! All players become their own judges to see who has the closest match of a photo to the category. Players have a fun time defending and persuading one another about the validity of their photo choices.
The new Camera Roll Game joins the other great games from Endless Games that already include the hot-selling The Floor Is Lava GameAKAName 5Everybody KnowsTraffic CopSleepover Party GameThe Korner’d ChallengeRed Light Green Light 1-2-3 Card GameJeopardy! Junior Card Game, and Wheel of Fortune Junior Card Game.