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Bill Nye and Abacus Brands Introduce First Branded VR Science Kit In Time for the Holidays

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Bill Nye, the famous American educator who has made science entertaining and accessible to millions of Americans through his Emmy winning TV show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” has joined forces with Abacus Brands to create an all-new Virtual Reality Science Kit for kids, being launched this Fall.

“Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit” – the first Bill Nye authorized VR science kit ever to be produced – will feature emerging technology to bring scientific themes to life with both an animated and real life Bill Nye. Through AR (Augmented Reality), an animated Nye pops out of each page in the included workbook and introduces each scientific lesson and theme. Then teleport through breakthrough VR (Virtual Reality) to Bill Nye’s lab to bring the lesson to life in 360 degree viewpoints. The kit comes complete with an 80-page beautifully illustrated interactive book, with Bill Nye leading the way through 30 projects and experiments, all the materials needed to complete the hands-on experiments, plus exclusive VR Goggles that turn a mobile phone into an immersive Virtual Reality tour as Nye teaches about science in his actual lab.

Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit will launch this Holiday season and join Abacus’ line of Professor Maxwell’s VR Labs which was introduced earlier this year in diverse themes such as Magic, Chef and Universe. All the kits combine tangible play and learning with cutting-edge accessible tech, making basic concepts fun, exciting, and easily digestible for children.

“Bringing Bill Nye, literally to life in a science kit, has been my dream since even before launching Abacus Brands,” says Steve Rad, the company’s founder and CEO. “Multiple generations have learned to love science through his enthusiasm and humor and we’re extremely grateful to have his creative and scientific input in creating the best science kit ever for kids.”

Mr. Rad noted that Bill Nye’s popularity has exploded beyond the TV screen thanks to social media outlets. Not only does Mr. Nye have millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube, his recent video explaining the science of mask wearing during the Coronavirus epidemic garnered tens of millions of likes and shares went viral in just one day and is likely helping save lives across the world by making scientific principles easy to understand.