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Get Ready to Skate Everything with the New Braille Skateboarding Fingerboard Line from Bonkers Toys

Bonkers x Braille Skateboarding
Braille founder and professional skateboarder, Aaron Kyro, is known for making skateboarding accessible to all and teaching kids how to master their very first tricks. The Braille Skateboarding YouTube channel rose to fame with its Skate Everything series where Aaron and his team make and skate crazy themed skateboards made from household items such as computer keyboards, ironing boards, electric guitars and gummy bears. Now fans will be able to collect and play with their very own miniature versions of these iconic boards with the new Braille Skateboarding line from Bonkers Toys in partnership with Semaphore Licensing. In the skateboarding community, braille means “I’m feelin’ it!” and fans will definitely be feeling the excitement when the toys launch later this week at Target stores and, and in early August. The line from Bonkers includes blind bags based on the most popular boards from the Braille channel, skate ramps, and mystery surprise sets.
The most famous Skate Everything videos, featuring the glass skateboard, went viral and have received over 49 million views. The glass skateboard was recently featured on SportsCenter and is destined to be one of the most sought after replica fingerboards in the Braille Skateboarding toy line.
“Bonkers Toys is known for developing YouTube toys that are truly inspired by the creators. The Braille fans cannot wait to get their hands on these epic Braille fingerboards and ramps so they can have their own versions of these iconic Skate Everything boards,” says Bonkers Toys President & CEO, Brian Bonnett.
“The community we have built at Braille is one of the greatest strengths of our company. We feel these toys are a way to give back to that community and allow them to own their favorite crazy boards we have skated in our YouTube videos. We can’t wait to see how fans use these toys and the creativity it brings out in them!” says Devin Weber, CEO Braille Skateboarding.