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Wow! Stuff Unveils Print-Your-Own Face Mask Kit, Pledges Portion of its Sales to NHS

Wow! Stuff Print Mask
The latest creation from innovative toy company, Wow! Stuff, will enable the young and young at heart to customize and print their own face coverings at just the touch of a button, and from the comfort of their own home. Wow! Stuff is also pledging £10,000 from its sales to the NHS Charities Together.
Wow! Stuff, recently announced as the official master toy licensee for Magic light’s Gruffalo brand, has used its innovation team of in-house scientists to create a patent applied-for home printable face mask kit in two categories; Fashion and Arts & Crafts.
Both product lines will be sold under Wow! Stuff’s subsidiary company, The Printable Face Mask co. Ltd, but also offered through Wow’s normal sales channels.
Thanks to the new game-changing technology, kids can make masks with any image from a phone or smart device. They can even get their face, identity and personality back by taking a selfie and printing it out on the 100% percale cotton sheets from a regular home inkjet printer. Assembly is simple and fast.
Your-Face Masks can use any image and print to the A4 sized cotton sheets. So whether kids or adults alike want to look like a puppy, a kitten or a Koala, it’s not a problem. If they want to design their own patterns, logos or simply use an image from their camera roll, it’s not a problem. Your-Face Masks can even use a selfie picture taken through the app to 3D map your face and ensure the image does not just partially cover your face mask, it covers it entirely and with life-like accuracy.
Wow! Stuff’s co-founder and head of Research and Development, Dr. Graeme Taylor said: “Our face mask kits have been tested to meet World Health Organization guidelines for barrier masks and AFNOR guidance on filtration and breathability. The technology allows you to replicate a picture of your face straight onto the cotton sheets so it looks almost like you’re not wearing a mask at all. It also contains ‘Freestyle’ mode that enables you to print any image directly from your camera roll onto the sheets using a regular home printer. This is a game-changing first!”
Richard North CEO Wow! Stuff furthers: “With the use of face coverings being encouraged by many countries around the world many people, young and old, still seem a little self-conscious wearing them in public. We thought we could encourage people of all ages to feel more comfortable wearing them if they could express their personality a little. By moving on from the ‘clinical look’ and adding a small touch of humor to a serious subject we feel we can help get more people wearing face coverings and feeling positive about that.”
The kit includes inkjet printable, breathable, 100% percale cotton sheets with filtration fabric inserts, elasticated ear loops, comfort fit adjustable nose bands and iron-on web adhesive. Users require a device running iOS 13 or Android 9 and a home printer. An easy-to-follow video tutorial featured on the app will have you crafting custom masks in three easy steps.
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