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CreateOn Unveils New Luminary MagnaTiles Set in Suport of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

CreateOn Hope Catcher
 CreateOn, the colorful creation studio that transforms Magna-Tiles into innovative new applications for kids and grownups with popular licenses and custom personalization, has unveiled a new Luminary Magna-Tiles set in support of pediatric cancer patients. In recognition of September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, CreateOn’s new Hope Catcher Luminary Magna-Tiles set is a meaningful building toy for children that also raises funds for The Dragonfly Foundation, a nonprofit organization that assists pediatric cancer patients and their families. The new set is an addition to the CreateOn’s first Luminary Magna-Tiles launched earlier this year in support of COVID-19 frontline healthcare workers.
“We created the Hope Catcher Luminary Magna-Tiles as a fun toy to keep young patients’ minds busy during treatments, as a family activity for siblings and friends to show love and support, and to raise awareness of pediatric cancer and generate funds for a foundation helping families going through this incredibly tough time,” said Steve Rosen, Vice President, CreateOn. “September is the perfect time to partner with The Dragonfly Foundation, and we are honored to create a building toy with a valuable meaning that contributes to an important cause.”
The Dragonfly Foundation has been a staple in the Cincinnati cancer community for over 10 years. Jessica Merar, Director of Programs in Chicago, is honored to be leading the charge locally. “We are thrilled to now have boots on the ground in the Chicagoland area. My main focus is to raise funds and awareness in order to support local patients and families through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond. All funds raised locally will stay local. I’m excited and grateful to be partnering with such a developmentally appropriate, child-friendly, useful, and entertaining product.”
The Hope Catcher Luminary Magna-Tiles set includes 10 colorful magnetic tiles plus a light to illuminate the set once completed into a bug catcher shape. The tiles can be combined in a variety of configurations, and kids will love finding hidden shapes in every corner each time they rearrange the layout. An educational hands-on toy, the Hope Catcher Luminary Magna-Tiles teach children shapes, patterns, colors, and more STEAM skills.
CreateOn designed this set specifically for pediatric cancer patients, with the realization that they may need fun ways to keep their minds busy during treatments and while only having one hand free. The pieces are small enough to fit on a hospital table and are easy for small hands to assemble. When assembled as the bug catcher structure, the luminary also doubles as a night light, and brightens up any hospital room with vibrant colors and designs of butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and other fun outdoor creatures. There is also a door slot on the tile of the completed structure to add notes of hope and inspiration.
By partnering with The Dragonfly Foundation, CreateOn is supporting their efforts helping young cancer patients and their families. 20-percent of proceeds from each set sold will be donated to the foundation to support their mission to help families find strength, courage, and joy.
The Hope Catcher Luminary Magna-Tiles are available now on For more information, visit and follow on Instagram and Facebook. To learn more about The Dragonfly Foundation, visit, follow on Instagram and Facebook.