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Fifi the Flossing Sloth and Frankie the Funky Flamingo Join ZURU Pets Alive Brand

ZURU Fifi and Frankie

Get ready to floss like a boss with Fifi the Flossing Sloth, one of several new additions to ZURU’s best-selling Pets Alive brand. Following the massive excitement and reception of last year’s award-winning Boppi The Booty Shakin’ Llama, three distinctly unique dancing animals are strutting to retail shelves in time for the holiday shopping season: Fifi the Flossing Sloth, Frankie the Funky Flamingo and Rainbow Bonnie The Booty Shakin’ Llama.


“Like Boppi, Fifi is a darling that has captured hearts and laughter alike,” said Aneisha Vieira, Global Brand Director of ZURU. “Dancing has never been more fun, as every character in the Pets Alive line encourages the whole family to get up and move!”


Mimicking one of the most iconic dances of the decade – the Floss, Fifi The Flossing Sloth hilarious moments, cute blinking eyes and butt wiggle are sure to get everyone up dancing. Fifi starts her moves slowly, as a real sloth might, but speeds up until she’s flossing like a boss to three catchy dance tracks!


Spurring a viral sensation, kids and families alike have taken to social media to share themselves dancing. Combined with a targeted marketing push across digital, social and influencers, Fifi is one of the most popular toys of 2020, including being named a Hero Toy of The Year by the British Toy and Hobby Association and earning the UK’s independent TOTY award. In addition, both Fifi the Flossing Sloth and Frankie the Funky Flamingo earned the well-respected NAPPA Award.


Long-necked and tall-legged Frankie The Funky Flamingo entertains the whole family with her hilarious neck twirling and vibrant flapping wings. She dances and shakes her feathers to three funky jams. With her realistic flamingo design, she is cute and groovy all at the same time. Frankie also includes a surprise Flamingo Egg with a baby Flamingo to keep the party going!


Featuring new dance moves, three new epic songs and a full coat of rainbow fur, Bonnie the Booty Shakin’ Llama is a colorful addition to last year’s icon Boppi! Rainbow Bonnie’s hip personality, vibrant hues, hilarious dance moves and 360 spins are sure to steal the dance floor!


Designed for children ages 3+, each Pets Alive toy are individually priced at an SRP of $19.99 and are available at mass retailers now.