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Cats vs Pickles Adds New Sizes and Characters

cats vs pickles huggers

Cepia, LLC., the maker of this year’s cat-astic collectible craze, Cats vs Pickles, has introduced new additions to the collectibles family for fans to  collect – Cats vs Pickles Huggers and Cats vs Pickles Jumbos. As an extra special treat for fans, new characters in the core Cats vs Pickles four-inch collectibles line have also been released.

Cats vs Pickles are based on the social media phenomenon of videos featuring cats and their hysterical reactions to pickles. In the silly world of Cats vs Pickles, cats are afraid of pickles, but the pickles are actually misunderstood – they just want to be friends with the cats.

A new 30 characters have joined the core four-inch collectibles line. The new additions consist of 23 brightly colored, super-soft, bean-filled cats with clever designs and seven new ultra-rare pickles. Each character includes names and bios filled with puns that reflect their design, a QR code for a five-star rated app game, and a collector number. The new characters include cats like the binary code designed “Coder Cat” and “CatZilla” the monster cat on a rampage.

The brand has amassed over 107 million views on YouTube and 113 thousand social media followers since launching in February 2020. The cute characters have been a much sought-after prize amongst collectors who search for the plushies in stores and online.

Jumbos are the same super-soft, bean-filled characters that fans love, only bigger (10 inches). Jumbos include an assortment of six fan-favorite characters including Galacticat, Mint Chippie, Water-Meow-Lon and Hank the Pickle.

At a massive 20 inches, Huggers are perfect for hugs and snuggles and will be available for a suggested retail price of $30. There are five fabulous Huggers to collect including Water-Meow-Lon from series 1 and four all-new characters including cats Kitty Dog, Starla, Pepper, Candi Nana and a pickle named Big Dill.

“We have been so touched by the way that kids of all ages have embraced the Cats vs Pickles characters this year. The brand has struck a chord as I think everyone has at some point been a pickle; everyone just wants to be loved,” said James Russell Hornsby, Chief Executive Officer of Cepia, LLC. “With the holidays fast approaching, we are so happy to see the joy that Cats vs Pickles is sparking with so many people and we wanted to bring fans something new and bigger before the end of the year.”

The new Huggers and Jumbos plushies and new edition 4-inch characters are available now only at Learning Express of Lake Zurich and the online store, and will be at additional select retailers soon.

Series 1 core 4-inch collectibles are available at retailers nationwide including Walmart, Learning Express, Hot Topic, Claire’s, and Each cat and pickle collectible has an official icon of authenticity and has a tag with the character name, bio, and a QR code for the free app.