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Sunny Days Entertainment Launches Patch-A-Roos

Sunny Days Entertainment Patch-A-Roos

Sunny Days Entertainment launches the new extension of the popular DIY collectible Ravel Tales. 

Introducing Patch-A-Roos, a new adventure with an unboxing experience like never before! The ultimate reveal starts with the pull of a button. The yarn strand will start to unwind, revealing all the surprises inside. Two mini collectible plush pets plus exciting DIY activities in one toy! Sew together a pillow bed for the pets and make friendship charm bracelets or necklaces with the yarn. Nothing is wasted! The fun never stops. Show off the Patch-A-Roo collection by clipping favorite characters to a backpack. Each Patch-A-Roo has expressive eyes, soft plush body and yarn hair. Their unique patchwork pattern is as varied as their personalities. Patch-A-Roos are the perfect sidekicks for Ravel Tales. Series one includes 12 assorted Patch-A-Roos characters.

Each playset includes: two plush pets, 18-inch thick yarn, two strands of 8-inch thin yarn, plastic sewing needle, three buttons, two clips, two bed halves, one instruction manual, one collector’s leaflet.

Patch-A-Roos from Sunny Days Entertainment are now available on Amazon for $19.99.