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PlayMonster Launches Science4You Science Kit Line

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PlayMonster launches an exciting proprietary line of science kits called Science4you. Developed for ages 4 and up, this brand addition is part of the PlayMonster expansion into new categories while maintaining a commitment to deliver high-quality products focused on fun, education, and play value.

Science4you focuses on hands-on learning through fun and engaging experiments. Each Science4you kit highlights segments within STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

With 12 exciting titles and kits designed for children ages 4 and up, there is sure to be a kit for every child in the household. While parents continue to search for supplemental learning products for at-home use, these kits provide a wide variety of topics and complexity that can be explored individually or guided by parents. On average, these kits provide 14 unique experiments to build an understanding of the scientific principles and how they connect with everyday life. An easy-to-follow illustrated 36-page instruction booklet provides step-by-step guidance along with entertaining, educational fun facts and expanded experiment ideas.

Kids can explore their five senses, navigate the world of colors, build a musical instrument, fly a rocket, learn to code… and much, much more. The kits are available from PlayMonster in March and sold exclusively on

Here are examples of some of the fun activities kids will experience:

Ages 4+
  • Discovering 5 Senses: Make a sensory bag and challenge your fingertips, conduct a blind smell test, and learn about how your taste buds work.
  • Little Farmer: Understand the science behind farming while growing your own fruits and vegetables.
  • My First Science Kit: Learn how water effects sound, what an optical illusion is, and how crystals form.
  • Chasing Rainbows: Find out what makes a rainbow, how you can create one with just 3 colors, and how to change the color of flower petals.
Ages 6+
  • Coding Lab: Create your initials in code, make a binary necklace, and apply code functions without a computer.
  • Green Science: Build a solar oven, bake delicious marshmallows, and discover renewable energy.
  • Music Factory: Make instruments, learn how sound travels, and test your hearing.
Ages 8+
  • Gadgets Factory: Use liquids to move a mechanical arm, store energy, and create a magnetic maze.
  • Kaboom! Explosive Science: Safely create a chemical reaction and pierce a balloon without making it deflate.
  • Explosive Foams: Transform materials from liquid to foam and watch what happens.
  • Monster Factory: Learn about DNA, grow a creature egg, and mix ingredients to create a slimy monster.
  • Spectacular Science: Launch a rocket, write messages using chemistry, and use physics to move a race car.

Kids will be able to conduct their own experiments, but some adult assistance may be required. Most kits contain all required materials, however common household materials may not be included.