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Socially Twisted, New Party Game for Adults, Launches

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Looking to spice up game night in a new, fun, and twisted way? Then Socially Twisted is the perfect badass adult party game to play in your living room or virtually with your friends on an app. It’s guaranteed to deliver a great time, particularly as more adults turn to new games to keep them entertained during a pandemic. This edgy, pee-in-your-pants game, now available at Amazon as well as at, is quickly becoming a favorite with adult party goers as Socially Twisted pushes the boundaries of creativity and hilarity, providing a fast-paced, exhilarating game experience like no other.

Besides being totally outrageous and different from any other adult game on the market today, Socially Twisted is easy to play. Each player is dealt four story cards (red), four word cards (blue) and four winner cards (yellow). Players are given 60 seconds to create an edgy and twisted story from the story card using the six words that are featured on the word card.  At the end of each round, players vote on the most twisted story and the winner is given the yellow card. At the end of the final round, the player with the most yellow cards is declared the “Twisted Winner” or “Twisted Loser,” depending on how you look at it. The game features 115 story cards and 75-word cards, as well as teaser cards for their fourth quarter launch of two new packs, “Socially Twisted Family” and “Socially Twisted Kids.”

This new card game is the brainchild of Jill Ramsey, a self-professed board and card game ‘geek’ together with her British partner and close friend Jane Bennett. And Ramsey knows what it takes to launch a successful family party game as having first accomplished it more than 20 years ago when she and her brother Brad introduced a board game, “A Rhyme In Time,” which quickly became a fan favorite and sold close to 100,000 copies. However, it was the travel version, “Pop Poetry,” which never fully launched and Ramsey wanted to give it a modern day reboot with attitude. In walked snarky, Brit Jane who pushed the edge to the humor limit.

Ramsey says that now is the perfect time to introduce the physical card game in tandem with a sister APP giving players the option to enjoy Socially Twisted in the real and virtual worlds. Ramsey notes, “These times are much different from when we launched “Pop Poetry,” so we wanted to make Socially Twisted relevant for today’s day and age and people like to be a little naughty! We have created a game that provides fast-paced, scandalous fun, while allowing players to use their imagination in a ‘socially twisted way,’” she continued.

It is also why Ramsey and Bennett introduced an APP and according to Bennett, “As we live in an increasingly remote and digital world, the app perfectly aligns with the physical game, allowing players to experience the game virtually and capture Socially Twisted stories on video, vote and be able share the hilarity with friends on social media or via text. It is amazing to see everyone from college students, Gen Z and Millennials through grannies (with a twisted sense of humor) spouting outrageously funny stories.”

As research continues to show the continued growth of adult card games, Ramsey and Bennett have received favorable initial feedback and have huge expectations for Socially Twisted. “The early response to the game has been overwhelming,” Ramsey exclaims. “As more adults learn about the game and experience it firsthand, we have no doubt that Socially Twisted will become an epic party game for years to come.”

What makes the game fun and twisted and the stories even juicier is the opportunity to feature friend’s and family’s names and current events to fuel your twisted story. It’s quick, funny, wacky and guaranteed to leave everyone cracking up. The game includes 115 story cards plus 75-word cards plus instructions and there is literally no repetition like trivia-based games as every story is new and relies on the imagination – and twisted story telling — of the player.

And there is more to come as the founders say party goers will be able to extend the play with soon to be introduced Socially Twisted packs including the Original Badass Pack (adults), Britpack (adults), Family Pack (family) and Twisted Kids Pack. While these physical packs will be available later this year, an early preview of each is available through the Socially Twisted App.

“If you want to laugh out loud and really enjoy your next game night, then Socially Twisted is the perfect game for you,” concludes Jill Ramsey.

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