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Distroller World Introduces Nerlie Bobbol Goms Dolls

Distroller World-Nerlie Bobbol Goms

Retail entertainment brand Distroller World is releasing a new addition to its Nerlie collection: the bubble-gum themed Generation X-Clusive Nerlie Bobbol Goms dolls, available on the Distroller World website beginning Friday, April 16.

Distroller is known for its mainstay brand the Neonate babies, which consists of four species: Nerlies, Espongie, Zygotie, and MikroNerlito that encourage imaginative and nurturing play. The Nerlies and other Neonate babies are outer space characters that traveled from their home of Neonatopia to Earth with the hopes of being adopted by children.

In the backstory of the Nerlie Bobbol Goms, Distroller character Nurse Tania’s container of Bobbol Goms is eaten by the Nerlies, who develop microparticles inside their bodies. Each Nerlie Bobbol Goms doll comes inside of a Bobbol-cubator resembling a gumball machine, equipped with a ‘Re-Bobbolizator’ —  a magnetic paddle that moves the small Bobbol Gom particles inside of their body to create a tickling effect and restore the taste of their favorite Bobbol Gom flavor. The Nerlie Bobbol Goms are available in three characters: Bobbiesue, Bonetta, and Bobbie. Included with each is a set of instructions on care and play.