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Math Wizard from Osmo Adds Two New Titles

Osmo-Math Wizard

Osmo‘s Math Wizard learning series announced the debut of two new titles: Amazing Airships and Enchanted World Games. Now with four titles in total, Math Wizard is also slated to release an additional fifth title in fall 2021.

The STEAM brand’s curriculum-inspired Math Wizard series’ active learning approach allows children to learn math via tactile play and use of creativity and imagination.

In the eight-part series, kids 6 to 8 years experience math through narrative- and adventure-driven games aimed at building math confidence, decreasing math-related anxiety, and encouraging kids to solve problems on their own. Targeted hints in the games help struggling learners arrive at the correct answer.

“What’s amazing is that 20,000 kids played Math Wizard and solved more than 3.5 million math problems since Oct. 1, 2020,” says Pramod Sharma, CEO of Osmo. “Parents who witnessed their kids using the product were thrilled with their child’s engagement and really liked the healthy screen time.”

The first two titles of the series cover the foundations of addition and subtraction, and introduce students to measurement standards, while the third and fourth titles focus on laying foundations for multiplication and division, adding more than two numbers, understanding how equations are formed, and addition and subtraction fluency.

Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships focuses on mathematical thinking, in which kids join Rupert the robot mouse as he builds and designs airships for the islands of Spellbarrow Port. Using math and Rupert’s magical wrench, kids deliver packages, balance objects so they can fly, and navigate challenges like thunderstorms and high winds. There are two games contained within: Airships, where players build airships on their mat and test them in the skies, learning how to balance lift (balloons) and weight (packages, wood blocks) so they can fly; and Clockwork, an all-digital game where players use their fingers and counting skills to wind up a team of clockwork robots, to the right amount, so they can move around the port.

The fourth title, Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games, sets the foundations of multiplication and inspires critical thinking. Here, kids create power smoothies and meals for athletes across various competitions. Using math skills, they give their team the right mix of magic ingredients needed to win the gold. In Bento Box, one of the two games contained within this title, players choose from five different sports and help athletes by packing them a magic lunchbox requiring the best combination of fruits. In the other game, Juice Team, elite athletes across four different sports count upon players to blend the right number of fruits  to create a magic juice, so they can win trophies.

Math Wizard titles can be purchased individually or in a four-box set featuring four titles: Magical Workshop, Secrets of the Dragons, Amazing Airships, and Enchanted World Games.