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Moose Toys Introduces Arcade-Inspired Akedo Figures

Moose Toys-Akedo

Moose Toys is combining action figures, battling action, and collectability with the launch of its new micro Akedo – Ultimate Arcade Warriors, the first brand to combine action figures with realistic battling action at a micro collectible scale.

Coming this August, Akedo will be the company’s biggest boys launch to-date, backed by a full-scale marketing campaign that includes an animated series, marking Moose Toys’ largest investment in content.

Akedo is derived from the Japanese word for arcade, offering players a retro gaming look and arcade fighting moves. Players battle using the included controller to defeat their opponents; however, warriors can be quickly reassembled for another round. Matches can take place inside the ’90s, retro-style Ultimate Battle Arena, a playset inspired by old-school arcade games with its own theme song and more than 35 sound effects.

There are 39 warriors, each with an individual battle style, weapons, and accessories. The figures include ninjas with swords, a teddy bear with a chainsaw, and a big baby with a gavel; plus, robots, gladiators, Vikings, a dinosaur, and clowns. The characters may be Classic, Epic, Ultra Rare, Legendary, or Exclusive Ultra Rare; there’s also the Limited Edition Mythical Stormstrike, a glow-in-the dark Viking.

“Our foothold in the boys’ aisle is already strong with hits like Treasure X and Heroes of Goo Jit Zu that have established Moose as a toy super innovator in the category. With these two lines we already have done things not seen before,” said Ronnie Frankowski, chief marketing officer, Moose Toys. “In line with what has come to be expected from Moose and its new product lines, Akedo is next level. It delivers a combination of a deep line up of imaginative action figures, realistic battling action and collectability at a micro scale. Left at that, it’s an impressive category entrant, but we will also be adding cutting edge content and licensing to deliver, what we believe, to be a knock-out hit.”

The Akedo product line is for ages 6+ and will be available in August 2021 at all major retailers, wherever toys are sold.