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Big G Creative Launches Ghosted Game at Target

Ghosted-Big G Creative

Big G Creative has a ghostly new murder mystery game, out now.

Ghosted, available exclusively at Target, is a “whodunnit” that challenges three to six players, ages 10 and older, to solve their own murder from beyond the grave. They’ll need to figure out which suspect is guilty, what weapon they used, and their motive — the first to solve the mystery wins.

The murder mystery game introduces 12 characters as the possible suspects, including gym rat Gabby Gains, video game influencer Mimi_Hax19, conspiracy theorist Mr. Redacted, and trust fund baby Vander Von Vapid III. Characters’ pet peeves serve as the motives: blasting smooth jazz, giving one-star reviews, hoarding toilet paper, or using speakerphone in public.

Weapons range from tank of piranhas and murder hornets to  a 3-hole puncher or a selfie stick.

The game comes with 36 illustrated cards (12 suspect cards, 12 motive cards, 12 weapon cards), six evidence boards, six dry erase markers, six tokens, and one die.