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Big G Creative Launches Two New Games

big g creative-cluckle

Board game publisher Big G Creative has two new games out now in Target stores and at

Corner Crush is a memory and strategy game where players must drop tokens into a rotating tower and play around the corners to score four in a row. It offers an estimated 15-minutes of playing time for two to four players or teams, ages 7+, as they exercise their critical thinking skills.

Cluckle is a word game for two to six players, 7 and up, featuring a dice-popping chicken. In one 15-minute round of this game, players practice their spelling as they squeeze the chicken to pop out the die, flip their egg tiles to see which letters they have, race to scramble the tiles to form a word, and quickly grab the chicken to win the round.

“With Corner Crush and Cluckle, we’ve taken popular, classic game play and elevated the fun factor,” said Steven Anne, creative director of Big G Creative. “Kids will want to play these games over and over, and parents will enjoy them just as much.”