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Toysmith Announces New Alliance with Anne McGilvray & Company

Toysmith announced that on July 1, Anne McGilvray & Company (AMCI) will begin selling the entire portfolio of Toysmith toy and gift products in the US. For over 45 years Anne McGilvray & Company has been helping small business grow by bringing together the specialty industry’s best vendors, skilled professional sales representatives and extensive specialty industry knowledge. Our new alliance with Anne McGilvray & Company now creates commercial efficiencies and the power to ideate, innovate, and deliver customer value in the toy and gift space on a national scale.
“We’ve been looking to rep the Toysmith line for many, many years,” says Anne McGilvray, Founder of Anne McGilvray & Co. “I was determined to partner with them and we are ecstatic that this alliance has finally come to fruition.” Liesl Ludwig, CEO and daughter of Anne McGilvray comments, “We’ve been speaking with Toysmith exhaustively to ensure we are a good culture and business fit—and we think it’s a match made in heaven. Armed with Toysmith’s new zero order minimum and free shipping to all 50 states, this new partnership is a sure-fire recipe for success for our customers and their guests alike.”
Max Wunderle, CCO said, “Anne was determined to get us to hear about AMCI and her team’s capabilities. But before she and her team approached us with an offer, they spent hours asking me and our leadership team about how best to craft a solution. That solution turned out being the most streamlined, economically efficient model we had ever seen and customers will experience it first-hand starting on July 1.”
This new business model offers the most streamlined, efficient and flexible program addressing the needs of small businesses, including free shipping, no order minimums and rebates at various levels.
Michael Keaton, CEO added, “I was blown away by Liesl Ludwig’s trailblazing vision and the AMCI leadership team’s indomitable spirit. Right away, I could tell that something big was happening. It’s truly groundbreaking and I’m proud to share in the effort to bring it to our customers.”
Anne McGilvray & Company reps will begin actively selling Toysmith on July 1 in all types of channels, including toy, gift, aquarium/zoo, art, book, craft, hobby, educational, hospital, resort/destination, parks, zoos, and more.