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DAM LLC Adds More European Brands to Catalogue


Toy buyers will be asking their sales reps what’s new with the buzz of Belgium-based distributor DAM (rhymes with mom) expanding its 2021 catalog from one to three European brands. DAM arrived on the American toy scene last year with a booth at ASTRA’s Marketplace in Pittsburgh. Now, three innovative collections – Scratch, Avenir and Scrunch – will spotlight European style, modern designs, and thoughtful, eco-friendly products to anyone in a playful mood!

Last summer, ASTRA members were the first to see the stylish packaging of Scratch, a brand DAM designs and manufactures themselves. With toys that boast a sleek, serene design combined with high-quality, durable materials, play is elevated to a whole new level. As their dedicated sales reps explain, playing is discovering and Scratch takes you along on that adventure!

European designed puzzles, games, indoor and outdoor active play and furniture just scratch the surface of the 2021 catalog. One of many standout products is the Contour Puzzle, uniquely shaped puzzles packed in uniquely shaped boxes. Disker Games, a new highlight in Scratch’s extensive active play range utilizes magnetic fun for indoor and outdoor play.

Shipments of a second brand, Avenir, began appearing nationwide in October 2020 after its summer debut at ASTRA Camp’s virtual tradeshow. Be Creative – Be Unique is the tagline for this arts and crafts company that recognizes every child has unique talents. When creating art, there are no limits!  This colorful, competitively priced brand is ideal for the Specialty Market.

Avenir is gaining traction in Europe, the UK and Australia and this season, American retailers. Clever, must-have items include Avenir’s Create Your Own Light Box. Young artists choose from 8 different scenes to hand-design a light box for their room.  Avenir’s Sewing Kits — in a tube — come as dolls or keychains, all packed in a handy counter display unit.

Recyclable silicone is the secret behind DAM’s third brand, Scrunch, being launched in the U.S. and Central America in Spring 2021. The Scrunch Bucket is best described as a smushable, squashable, roll-up-able toy. Parents and gift givers quickly learn this durable toy is made to last well beyond childhood.

“Because we see a desire from our retailers for unique products that help differentiate their store assortment from the mass market, DAM will continue to pursue more interesting and desirable brands for the U.S.,” reports U.S. Sales Director Tracia Luther. Under her leadership, over 75 independent sales reps are now focused on growing the European toymaker and distributor to DAM’s wide base — specialty retailers, department stores, craft, hobby, museums, zoos, theme parks, retail chains and e-commerce shoppers. Look for their team in 2021 at Toy Fair, New York; ASTRA Marketplace, Minneapolis; America’s Mart, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle and Dallas Market Center.