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LEGO Opens Doors to New Fifth Avenue Flagship Store

LEGO on Fifth

The doors are now open to the LEGO Store on Fifth Avenue, a new retail experience that celebrates New York City with brick displays of its famous landmarks, interactive experiences, and more.

The LEGO Store on Fifth kicks off a global rollout of an immersive digital and physical retail experience. When visitors walk in, they will be greeted by the interactive “Tree of Discovery ” and life-size models of NYC icons — like a life-size taxicab they can sit in, interactive Lady Liberty, Empire State Building and One World Trade skyscrapers, the lights and billboards of Broadway and Times Square, and more. 

Throughout the two-story space there are opportunities to explore the latest sets and interact with the first-ever Personalization Studio. The main attraction in this space is the Minifigure Factory, where shoppers can design a personalized LEGO Minifigure and see it printed in front of them. 

In the Immersive Brick Lab room, kids enter an interactive LEGO world where they can scan their real-life brick builds and see them come to life in AI as they travel through settings like outer space and New York City.

The Personalization Studio also  offers original store features like the Pick-and-Build wall and the Mosaic Maker, plus a chance to see behind the scenes of the LEGO design process and to meet and interact with LEGO Minifigure characters in a futuristic format. 

To commemorate the June 25 opening of the flagship location, LEGO has brought Broadway back into the limelight after an extended hiatus, assembling a team of choreographers, lyricists, producers, and performers to create a musical opening number, LEGO Store: The Musical.

Starring Hamilton‘s Renée Elise Goldsberry, LEGO Store: The Musical is directed by Ezra Hurwitz, with song produced by Isaac Hurwitz, original music my Michael Mahler and Alan Schmuckler, choreographed by James Alsop, and featuring an ensemble cast with Zach Bencal, Ava DeMary, Shawna Hamic, Joomin Hwang, Shereen Pimentel, John Riddle, and more.

“I think the creativity and imagination of the LEGO brand combined with the magic and spirit of Broadway is an explosion of goodness,” said Goldberry. “This was an incredible project to bring to life, right at the time it’s needed most.”

The cast also includes real-life firefighter Lee Garrett, Brooklyn Nets B-boy Antonio Smith, professional ballet dancer Maira Barriga, and professional dancer Austin Goodwin.

Performing alongside these real-life stars is a cast of LEGO Minifigures: Cabaret Singer, Classic Red Spaceman, Construction Worker, Desert Island Guy, Gold Minifigure, Girl with Boombox, Hot Dog Guy, NYC Baseball Player, Party Llama, Pirate Captain, Purple Crayon Girl, and Lady Liberty, front and center. 

Featuring the showtune “Always Building,” LEGO Store: The Musical follows the story of a young girl (Brianna Cameron), who joins the ensemble of stage actors, real frontline workers, and LEGO Minifigures on an adventure through the city that culminates in an opening night at the LEGO Store on Fifth.

“After one of the most challenging periods in our recent history, our Broadway community was devastated to have gone dark,” Ezra Hurwitz said. “Just as the LEGO Store on Fifth is opening a hub of imagination and play— so is the spark of our beloved city and we are elated to be singing and dancing and celebrating the re-emergence of our community once again.”