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ADK Emotions NY Names New President & CEO

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Shunichi Ogawa was named new President and CEO of ADK Emotions NY, Inc., a New York-based subsidiary of ADK Emotions and licensor of the global Beyblade Burst franchise.

Ogawa first joined ADK in 2005, managing marketing and advertising strategies for various global brands, and previously served on the ADK Emotions NY board of directors. As CEO he now heads the overseas business division covering the key markets of North America, China, and Asia.

Former president Shuji ‘Shawn’ Wada will continue to spearhead ADK Emotions and remain on the board of directors for both Tokyo and New York offices. During his tenure as president, Wada helped elevate Beyblade Burst on multiple platforms internationally — developing animated content broadcasted worldwide, a consumer products and licensing program, and live events that have drawn thousands of followers to tournaments globally and online.

Ogawa joins ADK Emotions NY COO Daichi ‘David’ Wakabayashi in leading the team as it continues to expand Beyblade Burst and the company’s other emerging anime IPs.

“There has never been a more exciting time for Beyblade and anime-based brands globally,” said Ogawa. “We believe that there is so much more potential to engage with our fervent fanbase and lots of untapped opportunities within our portfolio.  We move forward and look to the future as a team with optimism and enthusiasm.”

This restructure comes as the company — now driving its flagship anime brand into its third decade — is also relocating to a new office space in Midtown Manhattan.