Stan Lee 100th Birthday
Licensing News
Genius Brands Grows ‘Stan Lee’ Business for 100th Birthday Celebration

In celebration of the legendary Stan Lee’s 100th birthday, Genius Brands International (NASDAQ:GNUS), the controlling partner of ‘Stan Lee Universe’, owner of all rights to the name, voice, likeness, signature, licensing of Stan Lee and certain post-Marvel IP, signed an agreement to co-executive produce a documentary on the life of Stan Lee that will debut on Disney+. A link to the trailer is available at:

Amici Mr Puppy
Licensing News
Global Amici Adopts Mr Puppy

Global Amici is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Mr Puppy — A cool lifestyle brand for people who like dogs and fun. Called “the dog’s answer to Hello Kitty,” Mr Puppy’s graphic art has been a winner with products. Loved by people of all ages, Mr Puppy will be featured on Amici Pet food & treat canisters and dog bowls as well as Amici Home coffee mugs. These fun, quality products are guaranteed to give dog lovers a smile.

WowWee Dog-E
WowWee Launches MINTiD Dog-E, The One-in-a-Million Robot Dog, at CES 2023

Dog-E was launched at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) by WowWee — a global innovator of robotic toys and consumer entertainment products. Dog-E is a groundbreaking robot dog that is unique to every owner as a result of over a million possible combinations of colorful lights, sounds, and personality traits. Dog-E is a smart, app-connected robot dog with life-like movements, audio sensors to hear sounds, touch sensors on its head, nose and sides of its body, and a POV (persistence of vision) tail that displays icons and messages to communicate. As soon as you turn on Dog-E, your all-white pup comes to life through the minting process, which reveals its unique colors and characteristics. The minting process can begin by petting its head, touching its nose, or playing with it, among a long list of other interactions.