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Global Amici Adopts Mr Puppy

Amici Mr Puppy

Global Amici is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Mr Puppy — A cool lifestyle brand for people who like dogs and fun.


Called “the dog’s answer to Hello Kitty,” Mr Puppy’s graphic art has been a winner with products. Loved by people of all ages, Mr Puppy will be featured on Amici Pet food & treat canisters and dog bowls as well as Amici Home coffee mugs. These fun, quality products are guaranteed to give dog lovers a smile.


“This partnership with Mr Puppy brings together our love of the pet industry and an exciting new brand to develop into an extensive line of new products and categories,” says Global Amici President Remington Sloan. “Global Amici is all about newness and we couldn’t ask for a better fit.”


People connect with Mr Puppy’s fun, consumer-friendly images and memorable name. That happy feeling translates to sales. “Mr Puppy adds a dose of fun to every product,” adds Sloan. “That makes our quality pet and people lines even more appealing.”


Seen as an ambassador for all dogs, Mr Puppy is an icon of dog power, fun, and feeling good. That’s why so many people, especially dog owners, love him! “It is exciting to a great company like Global Amici join the Mr Puppy licensing program,” says, Cynthia Hall Domine, Synchronicity president and Mr Puppy licensing agent. “People want something fun and with Mr Puppy these products are quality, functional, AND fun!”


While many people buy Mr Puppy products for themselves, they want to share that happy feeling and buy them as gifts too, especially millennials. “Mr Puppy has universal appeal and has found a wide market for sales. He’s very popular with millennials,” says Mr Puppy creator, David Lee, who has a history of success selling Mr Puppy clothing and accessories across the USA.


The brand established itself with a successful e-commerce site and dynamic sales at pop-up stores across the USA. Mr Puppy has exciting international product licensing programs in Australia, Korea and Japan, and is represented by Synchronicity Licensing, USA. See Mr Puppy merch at