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Design Edge: No Simple Steps to Inventing

If you were to search the internet for information on how to bring your product idea to reality, you are bound to find dozens upon dozens of companies, gurus, consultants and coaches offering pay-to-play courses on how to make millions as an inventor. While some of them may indeed offer sage advice, others will sell you “simple steps” and “guideline method” programs to “ensure success”. Others will tout the merits of licensing as the golden ticket. However, even with all this help, the reality is that there is no simple method to finding success as an inventor. According to an Edison Nation poll, 78% of inventors believe that their invention will earn them a minimum of $1 million dollars, and 54% of them believe it will earn them over $5 million. Yet, only less than 3% of them will even sign a licensing agreement, let alone make any money! These “gurus” often tend to peddle false realities through cults of personality, oversimplifications, and saccharine cheer-leading, all while playing up to the notion that your one idea will be life-changing.