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Design Edge: To License or Self Produce Your Toy Invention?

My-my, how the world has changed since I came of age in the late ’80s, early ‘90s. Back then, I thought we had it all with 57 channels of cable television, a wireless phone in the kitchen, and my Walkman clipped on my hip. Cutting-edge technology was compact discs and the Nintendo NES. There were juggernaut toy brands like Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers, Laser Tag, and Rubik’s. The toy retail landscape was represented by chains like Toys R Us, Kay-Bee Toys, Childs World, and Zany Brainy. It took hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch a toy brand and a large staff of salespeople around the nation to land the distribution channels. However, much like the cassette tape in my Walkman, it is all antiquated now.

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WiT’s Young Professionals Network: Helping You Start (or Restart!) Your Career

Amanda Marschall and Megan Gardner, co-chairs of the Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment Young Professionals Network, explain how the WiT YPN can support anyone early in their career, looking for a career change, or re-entering the workforce — regardless of their age.