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Kids for Culture Reveals Affirmation Bath Book, Positive Pals Gift Set, and Good Night Board Book

Don’t just say it but show it. That’s the concept behind Kids For Culture’s vast collections of baby, toddler and preschool products that foster the joy of being a little different — in hair, skin tone, even language and lifestyle scenes. Diversity and the richness it brings is sprinkled into every gift idea from bath and board books to dolls and activity blankets. Perfect for Holiday 2023 are three priceless gifts that are easy on the wallet: Affirmation Bath Book, Kids Of The World: Good Morning, Good Night board book, and Positive Pals Gift Set. Parents can turn the nightly bubble bath into a teachable moment with the 8-page I Love Being Me vinyl bath book. The 6-inch book is easy for babies to grasp in and out of the tub. Sweet images with messages like I am a good friend or I love my hair will spark age-appropriate chats the next day.