Kids for Culture Reveals Affirmation Bath Book, Positive Pals Gift Set, and Good Night Board Book

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Don’t just say it but show it. That’s the concept behind Kids For Culture’s vast collections of baby, toddler and preschool products that foster the joy of being a little different — in hair, skin tone, even language and lifestyle scenes. Diversity and the richness it brings is sprinkled into every gift idea from bath and board books to dolls and activity blankets. Perfect for Holiday 2023 are three priceless gifts that are easy on the wallet: Affirmation Bath Book, Kids Of The World: Good Morning, Good Night board book, and Positive Pals Gift Set.


Parents can turn the nightly bubble bath into a teachable moment with the 8-page I Love Being Me vinyl bath book. The 6-inch book is easy for babies to grasp in and out of the tub. Sweet images with messages like I am a good friend or I love my hair will spark age-appropriate chats the next day.


The newest board book in the Kids For Culture’s library is Kids of the World: Good Morning, Goodnight illustrated with the sweet faces of children from around the globe. This 16-page book shows Suki, Isabella, Aaron, and Jin starting their day and ending it with hugs and kisses at bedtime. Different skin tones, hair, clothing, locations and diverse scenic backgrounds give little ones a peek into a child’s life in other countries.


How about a book and a doll? The Positive Pals Gift Set tells the ABCs with a twist where D is for Dream and G is for Grateful. Each letter of the alphabet offers an affirmation that boosts confidence and spreads smiles. The 10” unisex baby doll has a velour body with a unique embroidered affirmation on its little shirt. The board book includes 26 A-to-Z positive sayings. Choose one of three doll skin tones.


Not only do these playthings boost self-esteem but encourage self-love! They also tie into the newest trend in toys. It’s called MESH which stands for Mental, Emotional, and Social Health. Toys such as those on Kids For Culture’s website ( start the youngest members of the family on their journey to adapt to serious life lessons later in life. Being surrounded by positive messages now will be helpful if and when they need to deal with conflict resolution, problem-solving, and adjusting to change.


Look for these three recommended presents that instill a healthy sense of self, in stock and ready for wrapping!


I Love Being Me Affirmation Bath Book • Ages Newborn+

Available at Walmart and in stores The 8-page book has friendly faces and colorful designs with positive messaging that includes affirmations to promote self-esteem, empowerment, diversity, and inclusion through play. The multi-page vinyl book includes a squeaker for added engagement.


Kids of the World: Good Morning Goodnight Board Book • Ages 2+

Available at Amazon Join a group of cheerful kids from around the world as they guide emerging readers through an eight-step morning and nighttime routine. From waking up to tucking in, this book features delightful illustrations that set the stage for a positive day and restful night.


Positive Pals Gift Set • Ages Newborn+

Available at CVS This gift set is a wonderful way to boost a child’s (or grandchild’s) confidence. It teaches the importance of diversity, self-love, and selfawareness. The 10” unisex baby doll is the perfect size for cuddling or tagging along in the car seat. The board book includes 26 positive affirmations and is designed to help babies learn the ABCs, boost confidence, and practice positivity. Positive Pals represents various races including African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian. Enrich your little ones’ day with these beautiful words of encouragement and cuddles from their Positive Pal doll.