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Catching Up With Michelle Alfandari

MODA, which began as MODA International Marketing, has recently changed its name to MODA Licensing signifying a new direction for the company.

Paul Narula: Why has MODA Licensing chosen to change its name? What does that change indicate for the company?

Michelle Alfandari: MODA was established in 1988 with the name MODA International Marketing. At that time, being international distinguished MODA from other corporate brand licensing agencies. In addition to the “international” differentiator, MODA set out from its inception to use licensing as a strategic business model to meet clients’ objectives. The foundation on which MODA was built nearly 22 years ago remains relevant today. We have built on that base with more U.S. and global businesses and believe that our new name better conveys our dynamic, innovative, and results driven approach to Building Businesses from B®rands.  “International” is almost a “dated” word today given that most companies and agencies have at least one or two touch points globally in today’s connected world.

P.N.: What would you describe as the key elements of MODA’s new brand identity?

M.A.: MODA’s DNA is licensing. When we started out, most major corporations viewed licensing, if at all, as a means of exposing their brand on T-shirts and caps. Today, many corporations view licensing as a viable alternative to organic growth, merger, acquisition or other business models. MODA has applied this thinking to building value for brands and revenue from brands via licensing with successful and enduring results. We felt it was time to refresh our name to better reflect who we are and what we have done and can do.

P.N.: What features will your website,, have?

M.A.: Our website will better illustrate, in a dynamic fashion, work we have done and services we offer. We will have a blog with relevant information for brand owners, licensees, and retailers with connections to Twitter, Linked-In, and Facebook. We will also be introducing new brands we will be licensing on the site.

P.N.: Will you be changing or expanding the services that you are offering your clients?

M.A.: MODA’s services are continually evolving. One of our biggest differentiators from other agencies is that we have global associates that represent a broad range of competencies that are available to our clients. A key component of our philosophy is to stay ahead of market trends. It is incredibly important to have a global and micro view with respect to building sustainable and profitable businesses from brands. We have the means to tap into the expertise of our global associates to ensure that we deliver a “holistic” service, as appropriate. As markets and economies change so do our services.