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Game Night in a Can 5th Anniversary, Frequent Flyer Board Game, & More New Products

Game Night in a Can 5th Anniversary
Barry and Jason Games Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Game Night In A Can with Special Edition

The game that kicks the can out of any other family game night game celebrates its 5th Anniversary! Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment’s Game Night In A Can celebrates its fifth successful year with a special edition of the hit game.

Game Night In A Can – 5th Anniversary ($22.99, for ages 7+) is a brand-new shiny gold edition with all new magical art, gold, silver, and bronze medals, and 35 party-starting games of creativity and skill.

In this glorified version of the classic Game Night In A Can, Barry & Jason Games challenge families and friends to pop the top of this ultimate party game for an awesomely creative time for all ages and any number of players. Creative challenges include competitively flying paper airplanes, performing ghost stories about the room you’re in, creating brand new animal species for the last spot on Noah’s Ark, banking balls of paper off your partner’s face and many more all new activity challenges.

Big G Creative Creates Game Night Traditions That Everyone Can Enjoy with Hangry and No Filter Hangry

Board game publisher, Big G Creative, launches two new games that foster game night traditions everyone can enjoy with the launch of two new titles, Hangry and No Filter. Hangry is a high-energy, food-themed, card-matching game, while No Filter is the get-to-know-you game designed to break the ice and spark conversation. Both Hangry and No FIlter are available exclusively at Walgreens and are two of seven titles from Big G Creative that will be part of the retailer’s first ever games endcap.

No FilterHangry is a fast-paced, food-flipping game that features delicious cuisine! Flip your food card, look for a match, and slap the cards before other hangry players try to poach your favorite food. Collect the most cards and be the first player to fill your table setting to win the game.

Have fun discovering something new about friends and family with No Filter, the ice-breaking card game that is fun for teens and adults. Roll the dice to see who answers one of 200 colorful and compelling questions. 

New Frequent Flyer Board Game Takes OffFrequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer (MSRP $34.99, for two to four players ages 8+) is the fun new strategic board game that will take you to new heights of fun with family and friends. In this game, players (travelers) challenge each other to see who will be the first to visit all 20 U.S. cities on the U.S. flight board. Use the cool 20-sided die to move from city to city, earning miles for completing each flight. During each trip, travelers will face random challenges by landing on select spots. While those flying in the regular cabin have higher odds of facing a pitfall, those who upgrade to first class often get better outcomes. Accumulate your miles as you travel and use them to choose your next destination or upgrade to first class for a better flying experience.

Travelers can make strategic flight itinerary decisions to save their frequent flyer miles or use them? Stay on the west coast or travel back to the east coast? Upgrade to first class or stay in coach? It’s all up to you to chart your course for the best way to get to each and every city in the country. The first player to visit all 20 U.S. cities and return to their home city will be the winner (optional rules limit to 10 cities or less for shorter game play).

The Frequent Flyer Board Game from Frequent Games LLC. is now available on Amazon and direct from the company website.

YWOW USA PuzzlesYWow Brands Officially Launches in the U.S. Market with Eco-Friendly Line of Licensed Mini and Supersized Puzzles

Puzzles and games company YWow Brands officially launched its collection of Mini and Supersized puzzles in the U.S. market, on Amazon,, Master Toys, and Christmas Tree Shops. Recommended for children ages 6+, puzzles range in price from $3.99 to $19.99 and include:

  • SuperSized Kool-Aid: A giant Kool-Aid puzzle that is 20 inches by 27 inches with a precision cut that ensures a tight, interlocking heirloom-quality puzzle. YWow Puzzles utilises 100% recycled puzzle board materials. This puzzle will have you ending up with a fun and unique picture, and the best part, it looks like your favorite food!
  • SuperSized Heinz Ketchup: A giant Heinz Ketchup puzzle that is 20 inches by 27 inches. Challenge and build it yourself, work with your friends to build it together, or have some family bonding time! Whichever you choose, it’s still great fun!
  • Mini Puzzles Mentos: Mini Puzzles Mentos are a collection of five jigsaw puzzles, resembling the real Mentos candy rolls’ packaging. They look super cool and are the perfect fun activity to do with family and friends! The puzzle image inside matches the packaging, and together they make the perfect artwork to display. The styles to collect include Mentos Mint, Apple, Rainbow, Fruit, and Strawberry.
  • Mini Puzzles Jell-O: Mini Puzzles Jell-O are a collection of six jigsaw puzzles. The styles to collect include Jell-O Grape, Lemon, Berry Blue, Strawberry, Lime, and Orange.
  • Mini Puzzles Pringles Series 2: Mini Puzzles Pringles are a collection of five jigsaw puzzles, resembling the real Pringles cans’ packaging. The styles to collect include Pringles Original, Cheddar Cheese, Salt and Vinegar, and BBQ.