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JAKKS Pacific CoComelon Toys, Brown Toy Box Steam Kits, Yoto Mini, & More New Products

JAKKS Pacific x CoComelon
JAKKS Pacific Announces Exciting New Seasonal Products for Moonbug Entertainment’s CoComelon

JAKKS Pacific was named the North American seasonal toy partner for Moonbug Entertainment’s CoComelon earlier this year. JAKKS is underway with development for 2022, creating CoComelon furniture, ball pits, trampolines and dance mats that will be filling up retail shelves in 2022.

The CoComelon furniture line will include an activity table set with two padded activity chairs and a 2” x 2” washable vinyl surface featuring your favorite CoComelon characters. Play for hours or watch your favorite episode in this fun set that will retail for $59.99.

A brand new light up interactive step stool will also debut at retail with the furniture line. It really lights up and plays CoComelon music as the child stands on it. The stool can be customized for washing hands, brushing teeth or potty training. A secure rubber footing prevents slippage on surfaces. This item is made for age 12+ months and will retail at $14.99.

Rounding out the CoComelon furniture line is a portable booster seat with tray that includes a three point safety harness and chair straps to attach to dining chairs. This fold and go travel booster seat includes a removable BPA free tray and carry bag. It is designed for ages 12+ months and will sell for $29.99.

JAKKS is also creating a complete line of ball pits and trampolines that will include characters and graphics from CoComelon. The 15 ball playland is a soft, easy to inflate crawl through design with colorful character graphics. It includes 15 soft flex balls and a ball toss roof at a retail price of $19.99.

The 20 ball playland version includes an interactive side panel in the crawl through design. It is soft and easy to inflate with 20 soft flex balls and ball toss roof featuring your favorite characters from CoComelon. This will retail for $29.99.

The new Super Sounds Playland includes an electronic panel that plays music! With the touch of a button, you can hear your favorite character sounds and songs. This inflatable playland includes 20 soft flex balls and will retail for $39.99.

The Weee-Do 2-in-1 Ball Pit has two fun ways to play. You can bounce to your favorite CoComelon song on the trampoline, then flip it over and hang out in the ball pit with 50 soft flex balls. The trampoline/ball pit is very safe and uses a bungee system with no springs. This unique item will retail for $79.99.

For kids that love music, the Piano Dance Mat gives you three different ways to play. Create your own music and dance on the piano, play music from CoComelon or play a fun memory dance game using phrases from your favorite character. $14.99.

Brown Toy BoxBrown Toy Box Steam Kits Launch w/ Target to Stimulate Kids Racial Equity

Terri-Nichelle Bradley, a Google Black Founder Fund Entrepreneur, launched Brown Toy Box Steam Kits at Target as an advocate to inspire kids equity in play. On a mission to empower Black and Brown kids in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM), the determined mom of four pivoted her career to create engaging educational products for underserved communities, navigating unprecedented supply chain obstacles to launch six different Brown Toy Box kids science kits at Target stores nationwide and online at

The Brown Toy Box STEAM Kits available at Target and this holiday season span topics including coding and app development, astronomy, chemistry, biology, museum arts, and robotics.

Yoto Announces Launch of Next Gen Audio Platform – The Small Speaker for Big Adventures

Yoto, the leading screen-free audio platform for kids, announced the launch of the newest generation of their award-YOTO Mini winning player: Yoto Mini — the small speaker for big adventures.

The new petite and portable Yoto Mini®offers children a world of engaging and creativity-driving audio for them to explore safely and securely all while being fully in control. Yoto Mini complements its big brother Yoto Player and provides the same capability in a much smaller handheld device. The compact size and all-day battery life of Yoto Mini makes make it perfect for road trips, flights and play dates providing children access to stories, music, podcasts, learning, and more.

Yoto Mini is packed with features to delight children and support families with high-quality audio, child-friendly tactile controls, pixel display with sleep training, USB-C fast charging, 12hr+ battery life, Bluetooth, WiFi, and 16Gb storage.

The Mini also comes with a wide variety of built-in and free content from Yoto Daily, Yoto Radio, and Sleep Sounds to help families relax and fall asleep. The travel-friendly audio platform also comes with a range of accessories from protective Adventure Jacket covers with lanyard to a unique travel case with space for headphones.

Yoto Mini will be available for $59.99 and will be available for purchase starting November 24th via

Kidrobot Dungeons and Dragons Monster MiniKidrobot and Dungeons & Dragons Roll the Die in an All-New Collection of Plush Toys and Collectibles

Kidrobot and Dungeons & Dragons have started a brand-new campaign of exclusive plush toys and collectibles available now for pre-order on

Kidrobot partnered with Wizards of the Coast for an officially licensed assortment of Dungeons & Dragons phunny plush toys as well as the Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Three-Inch Vinyl Mini Series 1. Phunny plush exclusives include the Beholder, Owlbear, Displacer Beast, Kettlesteam, Red Dragon, Bulette and more.

The Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Three-Inch Vinyl Mini Series 1 feature famous monsters from the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons made miniatures. They’re blind boxed to maintain rarity and collectability. Fans can order a single blind boxed figure or a casepack of 24 blind boxed figures. Wave 1 possibilities include Beholder, Displacer Beast, Fire Elemental, Ghoul, Mimic, Mind Flayer, Red Dragon, Remorhaz, Roper, Rust Monster, Sahuagin, Salamander, and Xorn.