Paul Frank’s Asia/Pacific Licensee List

Territory: Korea
Categories: Baby goods and apparel

Cahmzon Apparel
Territory: Korea
Categories: Kid’ clothing and accessories for 36 months­–13 years old

Clever Time Industrial Ltd.
Territories: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
Categories: Watches and clocks

Clubman Singapore Ltd.
Territories: Singapore and Malaysia
Categories: Apparel and footwear for teens and adults

Territories: Australia and New Zealand
Categories: children’s, youth, and adult outwear, sleepwear, and accessories

Eastern Linkage
Territory: China Mainland
Category: Home goods

Gio Ou
Territory: Taiwan
Categories: Men’s and women’s footwear

G-Ralf Co. Ltd.
Territory: Thailand
Categories: Apparel and accessories for teens and adults; teen and adult accessories, stationery, and back to school

Great Alps Industry Co. Ltd.
Territory: Taiwan
Categories: Accessories and bags

MJ Fashion
Territory: Korea
Category: outerwear accessories

Territories: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Korea
Category: Watches

Territory: Taiwan Only
Categories: Bags, hosiery, accessories, and apparel

Territories: Hong Kong, Macao, and Mainland China
Category: Bags

Shanghai Romma Apparel
Territory: China
Categories: Apparel and retail stores

Taeyang I.S Co., Ltd
Territory:  Korea
Category: Back-to-school products

Very Good Leisure
Territory: South Korea
Categories: Bicycles and bicycle apparel and accessories

Territory: Republic of Korea
Categories: Adult apparel, hats, caps, bags, belts, and shoes