aNb Media News, March 31, 2016

Mattel Launches Content Division

Variety is reporting that Mattel has launched Mattel Creations, a centralized content division, “that will handle the company’s brands across multiple platforms including theatrical, television, and digital. Mattel’s content strategy will be headed by chief content officer, Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, who joined in September. The company has also promoted Christopher Keenan as senior VP, content development and production,” according to Variety.

New content has already been greenlit showcasing the American Girl brand as well as Barbie. Read the details here.

Little Cosmetics Announces New Headquarters in San Bernardino

Little Cosmetics, a company that manufactures pretend toy makeup for children, announced the opening of a new 2,100 square foot office and warehouse in San Bernardino, Calif. This is the second recent expansion for the company, which opened its last office in September. They were previously headquartered in Highland, Calif. The new office is located at 350 E. Commercial Rd, Ste. 103.

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