aNb Media News, July 4, 2018

Moose, Nickelodeon Team for Unique Shopkins TV Spots

To break the mold of traditional toy advertising, Moose Toys teamed up with Nickelodeon’s creative service, Velocity, to create five Shopkins TV spots that took a different approach to toy marketing.

The new spots just rolled out last week, and will continue into the holiday season. In each of the five spots, the viewer spends the first few seconds watching a “traditional” ad for lipstick, cookies, organic fruit, and basketball shoes. Then comes the twist: a Shopkin takes the place of its real-life counterpart. A girl then enters the scene to recover her missing Shopkin, place it in its packaging, and return it to the collection in her bedroom.

The concept invites kids to be in on the joke and even recreate some of the scenes using their own Shopkins Mini Packs.