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Explore the Great Outdoors in This New NatGeo VR Experience


As part of its #QuestCountdown series, Oculus has teamed up with National Geographic for the launch of National Geographic Explore VR.

The game launches on Oculus Quest, the company’s all-in-one VR gaming system, this spring. The 30-minute experience takes virtual explorers on a mission to find a lost penguin colony in the frozen wilds of Antarctica. Explorers paddle off on a kayak ride through icy waters, before scaling the side of a towering ice sheet. Explorers will even learn what it takes to survive an epic snowstorm (thankfully, without feeling the actual sub-zero temperatures).

“The level of immersion you get from wireless VR is unparalleled,” says Senior Director of Immersive Experiences at National Geographic, Jenna Pirog. “You truly feel as if you’re traveling to a different place, using your instincts to explore and move through the environment.”

Wilderness exploration isn’t for everyone. National Geographic Explore VR is the perfect way to get as close to the real thing as comfort allows. “National Geographic continues to experiment in the immersive storytelling space,” says Pirog. “This latest partnership with Oculus and Force Field is in line with our mission to entertain with a purpose. We’re using the latest visual technology to spark curiosity about our world and enable people to better understand it,” she says.

Using Oculus Touch, would-be adventurers will set up camp, build a wind barricade, and zip up their survival tents—all using their hands. “We’ve built these activities with an option to be physically active or passive, so they’re enjoyable for the entire family,” says Pirog.

National Geographic Explore VR will add new adventures in the coming months, taking thrill-seekers on immersive trips all over the world, like archaeological expeditions packed with cultural heritage.

Stay tuned and keep that survival gear handy!