Hot Wheels Nitro Junior Games Set to Showcase Action Sports’ Rising Stars

Hot Wheels and Nitro World Games are teaming up for two all-new events: the Academy mentor program and the Hot Wheels Nitro Junior Games competition. These events will showcase the next generation of athletes and highlight how action sports can teach kids to meet challenges head-on and work to reach their goals. Both will feature up-and-coming skaters and riders 16-years-old and younger in Skate Park, Skate Street, BMX Park, and Scooter Park.

In this digital series, action sports stars Bucky Lasek, Alphonzo Rawls, Ryan Nyquist, and Chris Farris will mentor skaters and riders 16-years-old and younger in Skate Park, Skate Street, BMX Park, and Scooter Park. Competitors include Gui Khury (Skate Park), Filipe Mota (Skate Street), Kaden Stone (BMX Park), Max Vu (BMX Park), Jordan Robles (Scooter Park), and Tyler Hainey from the UK. The event will also span generations, with Kevin Robinson Jr. following in the footsteps of his late father, BMX rider Kevin Robinson, while Skate Park challenger Raphael Ueda, son of skate pro Lincoln Ueda, looks to make his own mark.

The Academy:

To kick things off, eight invited athletes in each discipline, all hand-picked by industry experts, will have the exclusive opportunity to receive skilled coaching from professionals in their sport. These mentors will provide expertise on what it takes to succeed in and out of the skate park, from training and perfecting their lines to stress management and the importance of good nutrition. The athletes will hone their skills and take their abilities to new heights to embody the Hot Wheels message of “Challenge Accepted.”

Hot Wheels Nitro Junior Games:

At the Hot Wheels Nitro Junior Games, the athletes will have the chance to apply the skills, tactics, and abilities they learned in a formal competition setting. These contests will all be straight finals events, where riders in each discipline will square off in a jam session format and go head-to-head to determine a winner.

Athletes will compete for the chance to receive exclusive access at a future Nitro World Games competition. All of the participants can put the Academy’s mentorship into practice at Hot Wheels Junior Games.

Ryan Nyquist remarked, “This event is really important for these riders who have the drive, who want to be professionals. We are giving them the opportunity to learn how to do that.” Nyquist added, “I wish I had something like this when I was coming up. I just had local contests and didn’t really have anybody to run advice by. The fact that these kids have a mentor to ask questions and to help them formulate their runs, that’s something I wish I had back in the day.”

How to Watch:

For a look at what’s next in Skate, BMX, and Scooter, check out the Academy and the Nitro Junior Games on YouTube and Facebook. For more details on Hot Wheels Nitro Junior Games go to

  • Skate Park and Skate Street: Wednesday, December 11th
  • BMX Park: Sunday, December 15th
  • Scooter Park: Wednesday, December 18th