Spin Master Acquires Orbeez from Maya Toys


Spin Master Corp. announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Orbeez brand and other select brands from Maya Toys, complementing its growing Activities segment.

Beginning as tiny seeds, Orbeez water beads grow to a round form when water is added. The technology is applied to a variety of toys, ranging from arts-and-crafts sets to pampering products.

“Orbeez represents a universally-appealing play pattern and as a result, this amazing Maya Toys property has stimulated the imaginations of millions of children globally,” said Anton Rabie, Spin Master’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “We’re thrilled with this acquisition, which further strengthens our vibrant and growing Activities business, providing recurring revenue and opportunities for integration into our existing product lines, as well as for further innovation.”

Spin Master offers a range of activity products, like the sand brand, Kinetic Sand, and the Cool Maker line of DIY sets.

“With a 10-year history of entertaining kids, we believe the possibilities with Orbeez are endless,” said Arlene Biran, Vice President Marketing and Activities Global Business Unit Lead. “Our design teams are excited to ideate on how we can grow the brand and bring new creative executions to market.”

The acquisition of Orbeez marks Spin Master’s 21st acquisition since the company was founded in 1994 and the 11th since its initial public offering in 2015.