ASTRA Members Step Up to Support the ASTRA Foundation Holidash

ASTRA Logo Toy Fair Game and Kit Day

Members of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) who participated in the first annual Holidash event clocked more than 4.5 million steps during the holiday season, ASTRA announced. The event — an activity of the ASTRA Foundation — was launched on Neighborhood Toy Store Day on November 9 and ran through December 31.

Dee Farrell, ASTRA’s immediate past Board Chair, was the highest stepper with nearly one million steps. Other winners, randomly drawn from those reaching each step level, are:

  • 500,000+ Steps: Sari Wiaz of Baby Paper
  • 250,000+ Steps Winner of Beth Schmiedel of Hobby Express Inc.
  • 10,000+ Steps Winner of Scott Friedland of Timeless Toys

“The ASTRA Foundation’s mission is to support play across the lifespan,” said Kimberly Mosley, president of ASTRA. “Holidash is a playful way to live this mission while supporting the Foundation with participant registration fees. This activity was a fun way to introduce playful competition among ASTRA and increase awareness of the Foundation’s work. Thanks to all who took the challenge!”