Spin Master Signs New Deal with Rubik’s for Co-Brand with Perplexus Puzzles

spin master rubiks

Spin Master Corp. is teaming up with Rubik’s Cube to launch Perplexus Puzzles with a twist, in a new deal brokered by The Smiley Company, master licensee for Rubik’s.

Together they will develop a co-branded Rubik’s x Perplexus range, which will feature a 3-D ball-in-a-maze puzzle and labyrinth toy. By twisting and turning the cube, players attempt to maneuver a small steel ball through an intricate maze composed of a number of steps along narrow plastic tracks.

“Collaborating with such an iconic toy like Rubik’s Cube is a unique opportunity to expand the fun and challenge of the Perplexus play experience,” said Elizabeth LoVecchio, VP Marketing for Spin Master Games. “Perplexus is already captivating minds, both young and old, and we are excited to work together with The Smiley Company to expand the popular line and further push the boundaries of fun and innovation.”

Speaking about the new launch, Lori Heiss-Tiplady, VP Brand Strategy at The Smiley Company said: “Perplexus has become famous for its ingenious sculptural designs and various levels of challenge. These values are perfectly aligned with those that have made the Rubik’s Cube the best-selling toy in history. We are committed to extending the brain-boosting credentials of the Rubik’s brand by partnering with world-class companies, like Spin Master, who share our goal of nurturing smarter future generations through products that help learning, boost intelligence, and evolve Rubik’s STEM accreditation status.”

The range of new games is currently in development with the first product set for launch in Summer 2020 and additional toys earmarked to roll out soon after.