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YULU Unveils New Toys and Games at Toy Fair

Yulu Popcorn Poppin'

YULU will reveal their 2020 line of toys and games at the American International Toy Fair, taking place February 22-25, 2020 in New York, NY.

The key YULU products to be featured at Toy Fair New York will include the board breaking game Break the Board; the craft activity Swirl & Style Tie Dye Studio Maker and the surprise collectible bling Pop Pops Blingz. YULU will bring their toys and games to life with interactive activations such as larger-than-life versions of games and creation stations for Toy Fair attendees to experience the new items first-hand.

“Our team at YULU is thrilled to introduce our new line of toys and games that will inspire action-packed playtime for kids and families,” said Jochem van Rijn, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at YULU. “From board breaking and ooze-filled bubble popping, to tie dye swirling, our new range offers something exciting for everyone.”


YULU will introduce four new games in 2020, including:

BREAK THE BOARD is an electronic game that challenges players to break a wooden board, inspired by martial arts. With four game modes to choose from — Level Up, Competition, Trainer, and Freestyle — players listen to the commands to quickly chop, swipe and strike through 10 levels. Ages 6+ | Available: Fall 2020

POPCORN POPPIN’ brings the group suspense as players must pass the popcorn bucket before the popcorn pops. While the timer counts down, players follow the instructions from the pop-up die and pass the popcorn as quickly as they can, trying not to be the one holding the bucket when the popcorn pops. Ages: 4+ | Available now

DIAMOND HEIST is a cooperative game where players must work together to win, or they’ll get caught. An evil organization has stolen a precious diamond and has hidden it deep within their vault. It’s up to the players to rappel into the vault, eliminate the alarms, retrieve the diamond and escape before the security guards arrive. It takes teamwork, communication, and steady hands to succeed. Ages: 6+ | Available: Fall 2020


YULU’s new line will also include a craft activity and an expansion to the PopPops brand, featuring:

SWIRL & STYLE TIE DYE STUDIO MAKER brings a new element of fun to tie-dying. With its unique, self-contained orb, tie-dye creations are made mess-free. Simply put dye bottles into self-sealing valves to dye, spin, wash and wear. Including six bright colors, creative kids, along with hippie-era fans, can create their own designs and watch as the colors transform ordinary items to bright, colorful art.  Ages: 6+ | Available: Spring 2020

POP POPS BLINGZ is the newest expansion from YULU’s Pop Pops line which offers a combination of confetti ooze, bubble popping and the hunt for surprise collectibles. Kids pop the confetti ooze-filled bubbles to reveal the collectible charms, beads, and bracelets for unique jewelry designs. Available in Mini Pack, Starter Pack and Mega Pack.