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Cepia Announces New Cats vs Pickles Line and App Based on Viral Video Trend

cats vs pickles cepia

Cepia, LLC., has introduced a collectible line, Cats vs Pickles. The brand launches with YouTube channel ‘Cats vs Pickles’ featuring animated and live action content, and a free app game. A plush collectibles toy line of over 100 differently designed cats and rare pickle characters will appear on store shelves in late spring, 2020.

Cats vs Pickles is based on the social media phenomenon of videos featuring cats and their reactions to pickles. Within the Cats vs Pickles world, cats are scared of pickles, yet pickles love cats. The Cats vs Pickles product line up is popularly priced to promote collectability and features more than 100 different styles of cats of every variety ranging from foodie cats to sweet cats to scary cats for children to build a collection around. There are also 10  super rare pickles for children to search for and expand their collection.

The Cats vs Pickles Collectibles will be available at select retailers starting in spring 2020 and will roll out nation-wide for fall 2020. Each of these soft bean-filled cats and pickles has an official Cats vs Pickles (CvP) icon of authenticity and have a tag with the character name, bio, and a QR code for the free app; the toy products will retail at $3.99.

“After seeing the hilarity of these viral videos of cats jumping away from pickles, we knew we needed to capture the magic of this simple idea and turn into a fun play experience for kids,” said James Russell Hornsby, Chief Executive Officer of Cepia, LLC. “At the heart of the new line are the misunderstood and generally dim-witted pickles who unintentionally scare the uniquely designed cats, which perfectly capture the sassy personality of the real-life kitties. We can’t wait for kids to start collecting these adorable new characters.”

The YouTube channel will release new content every week. Cepia has also released the Cats vs Pickles app game, available now for free download for both iOS and Android.

Cepia, LLC. will be showcasing Cats vs. Pickles alongside other new brands at the 117th Annual Toy Fair New York from Feb. 22nd to 25th 2020 at booth #2565A.