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Cepia Brings New Bananas Collectibles to Toy Fair

Wave 4 of Bananas collectible toys from Cepia, LLC. has arrived, along with two new types of Bananas toys, including Bananas Babies and Hugger Bananas. Bananas toys have the shape and smell of a real banana, and each toy comes with a surprise Crushie friend that kids can collect, trade, or wear.

New Wave 4 Bananas toys are brightly-colored in party and animal prints. This fourth “bunch” of Bananas introduces 24 new Crushie characters to collect, including rare styles such as Evia Elephant and Riley Rhino and the ultra-rare Yume Unicorn. Available as singles or as bunches of three, each Banana in Wave 4 contains one Crushie, a character sticker, gemstone stickers for decorating the Crushie, a ring to display the Crushie character, and a collector sheet.

New Baby Bananas are smaller than the original bananas and contain Crushie Babies. Each Crushie Baby comes with its own bottle and pacifier and has a diaper pin clip on the back.

Also new to the line are Huggers Bananas, where the Crushie character is on the outside of the Bananas toy. Bananas Huggers are characters that hug onto the Bananas. Inside, there are surprises with a Crushies face mask to match the Hugger Crushie, gemstone stickers, Hugger Crushie selfie, and a collector sheet. Huggers Bananas can attach to backpacks, hair braids or each other.

“Bananas toys are designed to promote creative and imaginative play,” said James Russell Hornsby, Chief Executive Officer of Cepia, LLC. “They promote social sharing because they are collectible, portable and promote simple fun without electronics – and they smell wonderful!”

Bananas Wave 4 and Huggers Bananas are both currently available. Cepia will also be introducing new ways to collect and play with Bananas Collectibles throughout 2020 and 2021 with additional bunches and new formats to collect.

Cepia, LLC. will be showcasing Bananas Collectibles alongside other new brands such as Cats vs. Pickles, Nuzzy Luvs, Koo Koo Pets, Rainbow Pets, and SweetShine Dolls at the 117th Annual Toy Fair New York from February 22 to 25th 2020 in booth #2565A.