Jay at Play Named Global Master Toy Partner for OOKS Brand


Dublin based production studio, Zulleon, founder and creator of digital play experience OOKS, has appointed Jay at Play as the global master toy partner for the STEM-inspired kids’ property.

In a deal brokered by global licensing agency, Weird Lime, Jay at Play have secured worldwide rights to a range of plush, collectables, accessories, and gaming categories, based on the OOKS brand of mobile games and animated shorts.

Following the launch of the OOKS: What’s that Rumbling? STEM-inspired storybook creator earlier in 2019, the property has grown through Zulleon’s development of a suite of OOKS apps across multiple educational and gaming categories as well as an animated shorts series. In less than a year, eight million OOKS characters have been created by children all over the world.

In response to consumer appetite for content and on the back of a through the line and influencer marketing campaign, development from the studio continues apace with new animated shorts being released every month joining the current series of 22 x 2min shorts now available on YouTube Kids.

A spokesperson for Jay at Play commented, “It’s not often a brand captures kids’ imagination so rapidly whilst also ticking the box for learning inspired play patterns which parents appreciate — so we have been following the OOKS story for some time.  The full portfolio of apps and animation delivers loads of fun snackable content across trend-driven themes and characters which kids love — making it just the right time for a bright, fun range of plush toys and collectables.”

Noel Donegan (co-founder of Zulleon, along with Luz Donegan) said, “Jay at Play is the perfect partner to bring OOKS to life outside of our digital playground and animations, so we are thrilled with this global signing”

Luz Donegan said, “OOKS is a magical world of color and surprises and we look forward to being able to deliver OOKS-inspired collectables and plush to our demanding audiences through the expert and talented team at Jay at Play.”

The suite of five OOKS apps and games, available on IOS and Android, have been downloaded in over 110 countries with close to half a million installs across all apps. Over 20,000 OOKS books have been created and over 1.5 million views of online OOKS content to date. The brand is readying for more announcements across global broadcasters and consumer product deals.