Basic Fun! Aims to Break Lincoln Logs World Record

Lincoln Logs Basic Fun

Basic Fun! is looking to breaking a world record.

The company partnered with Timber Moose Lodge in Utah — known as “America’s Biggest Log Cabin” — to set the Guinness World Record for “Largest Lincoln Logs Structure.” Owned by Hasbro, the Lincoln Logs brand is licensed by Basic Fun!

The build, which kicked off on September 27, is expected to conclude on September 30. The final result will be a structure comprised of over 30,000 Lincoln Logs and measuring over 200 square feet.

The previous Guinness World Record for Largest Lincoln Logs Structure consisted of 17,503 logs, assembled in South Carolina in 2018.

Once the structure is completed, Basic Fun! and Timber Moose Lodge will auction off 100 boxes of specialty Lincoln Logs boxes used in the build. Proceeds will go toward Toys for Tots.

“Because we love log cabins, love Lincoln Logs, love all things Biggest, and love doing fun things, we thought it was perfect for America’s Biggest Log Cabin to set the record for the Biggest Lincoln Logs Cabin,” said Matt Evans, who owns Timber Moose Lodge with his brother, Spencer Evans. “We already had probably the biggest collection of Lincoln Logs anywhere, and now that we’ve bought another 2.5 tons of Lincoln Logs for the world record event, we’re sure Timber Moose will have the world’s biggest collection even after we auction off 15,000 pieces to benefit Toys for Tots.”

Meanwhile, TikTok influencer Andi Aston is constructing a Lincoln Logs replica of Timber Moose Lodge to contribute to the auction benefitting Toys for Tots.

“Lincoln Logs have been a beloved part of childhood for over 100 years, and we are thrilled to celebrate this iconic toy with an epic initiative to set a new world record,”said Jon Gumble, Basic Fun! senior product designer and lead engineer of the world record build.“The planned structure will be truly massive, and we are excited to work with Timber Moose Lodge, Toys for Tots, and Andi Aston on this team effort.”