Socially Twisted Games Appoints Hahn/Solo Consulting as Sales Partner

socially twisted logo

Following its first game launch in March of this year, Socially Twisted Games has appointed Hahn/Solo Consulting to manage its North America sales and drive market growth.

Hahn/Solo Consulting will work with a network of independent sales reps, distributors, and online channels to boost online and retail placement of games from Socially Twisted, including its current game as well as two new titles being introduced this fall.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Petrie and Iris at Hahn/Solo Consulting and look forward to their expertise and relationships in helping to accelerate the growth of Socially Twisted Games,” said Socially Twisted Games co-founder Jill Ramsey. “Their experience in sales and operations is exceptional and will be key in allowing us to make our games available to more and more consumers.”

The company was co-founded by Ramsey and Jane Bennett, who introduced Socially Twisted, an adult party game, on Amazon and on their website. Next month, they are gearing up to add a kids game and a family game.

“We are excited to work with Jill and Jane as we believe their line of Socially Twisted Games is exceptional and different than anything currently in the market,” said Hahn/Solo’s Petrie Hahn.

Hahn’s partner Iris Solomon adds, “What convinced us even more of the merits of partnering with Socially Twisted is the overwhelmingly positive response to the games from our network of sales representatives and distributors and we believe it has enormous potential with toy, gift, and educational retailers.”

Hahn has worked in product development, brand design, packaging, financial modeling, sales support, and distribution development while Solomon possesses over two decades of experience in the toy, gift, and education markets.

“Hahn/Solo Consulting has an incredible reputation of delivering solid results in the toy and gift industries and we are confident that they will be able to build on the significant interest in our brand and translate that into retail partnerships,” said Bennett. “With the online success of our initial game, combined with the launch of two new games, we are poised to continue the growth of our brand, while continuing to innovate through new, differentiated games.”