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Cyber Group Studios Acquires Audiovisual Adaption Rights to Phobos

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Victor Dixen Cyber Group Studios Phobos

Cyber Group Studios has acquired the audiovisual adaptation rights to the bestselling adventure books, Phobos, for a serialized science fiction reality series for young adults (YA) in both animated and live action formats. Cyber Group Studios, is a leading producer and distributor of animated series, best known for its award-winning programs Zorro The Chronicles and Gigantosaurus. The new show will be based on the books by award-winning French screenwriter/author Victor Dixen (pictured left) and adapted for TV and digital platforms.







“It is an honor to collaborate with the talented Victor Dixen and to have the chance to adapt Phobos for audiences everywhere,” said Pierre Sissmann, Chairman and CEO of Cyber ​​Group Studios. Phobos delivers an extraordinary experience for readers with captivating themes, fascinating adventures and a strong visual identity that will translate beautifully onto the screen.”


Phobos author Victor Dixon said, “I am delighted to team up with Cyber ​​Group Studios to adapt Phobos for a worldwide audience. They’ve got the talent and high standards to take this story to a new dimension and as an artistic consultant, I look forward to being part of this incredible team.”


“This upcoming adaptation is a real testament to the success of this saga and the immense talent of Victor Dixen,” added Glenn Tavennec, Editorial Director at Éditions Robert Laffont, publisher of the popular Phobos book series.



Phobos is a dystopian/space sci-fi saga that imagines the very first mission to Mars in which the astronauts are teenagers taking part in a reality TV series. The story follows six boys and six girls, each living in two separate bays of a spaceship, who have six minutes each week to seduce and make their companion choices under the unblinking eye of the onboard cameras. They are the contenders in the Genesis program, the world’s most incredible speed-dating show in history, intended to create the first human colony on Mars. A true space epic with many twists and turns, the saga also addresses important current themes such as the power of the media, international finance, human nature and its ambitions, as well as protection of the environment.


A hit in France and in international markets, the five-book Phobos series already has been translated into English, Dutch and Polish. It has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Imaginales and Chimères prizes in 2016. It also received a 4.05 rating on Goodreads and has a global fan base that continues to grow around the world. Stay tuned for more news on the Cyber Group Studios adaptation of Phobos in the future!