All Natural Soft Bunnies Are Hopping at Douglas

Douglas Soft Bunny

Douglass Company has announced the launch of a brand new product from their ever-popular Soft line of plushes, Natural Mini Soft Bunnies. A companion toy to their Bitty Bunnies, Douglas is now offering a 6 inch variety of these cute critters.


Product details below:


Natural Mini Soft Bunny Assortment, includes three very natural looking baby bunnies. Their fur is thick and textured and irresistibly petable just like a real bunny would be. Their eyes are dark ebony and sparkling with life. Each is 6” tall in a sitting on their haunches position. Their colors are very natural, too! One is white, one is ivory, and one is minky gray-brown. Their ears are long and floppy.


Natural Lil’ Bitty Bunnies Assortment also includes three very natural looking baby bunnies. Cup your hands together and one of these little cuties fits snuggly right inside at just 5″ long. These littles have rounded bottoms and short perky ears. One is white, one is ivory, and one is minky gray-brown.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Softs and Bitty Bunnies are expected on store shelves in late February 2022. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.


About Douglas Company:


Douglas Company celebrates their 65th year as a leader in the plush industry! The family-owned and operated business has distribution throughout USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


Douglas classic animals have gestures and expressions that clearly distinguish them. Their faces evoke a sense of connection and endearment. Unusual breeds and hard-to-find species are easy to find in the extensive Douglas Line.


The in-house, USA design team is the heart of Douglas success. They create designs and steward them from conception to final production. In recent years, the power of the creative department has led into the fashion/accessory arena. They have a unique talent for walking the edge to offer truly unique, trendy, and irresistible creations.